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AKA "Shadow of Death, L'assessino fantasma, Macabre"

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Directed by Javier Setó
Starring: Larry Ward, Teresa Gimpera, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart
Genres: Giallo, Italian, Thriller
86 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Shadow of Death is a little known Italian thriller, but also a very interesting one and it's certainly a film that doesn't deserve to be missed. The film is often considered a part of the Giallo genre; and although it lacks many of the genre trademarks. The film takes in the classic thriller plot line of a wife wanting to kill her husband for financial gain and mixes this with the idea of wanting to send someone insane (this was also featured in Umberto Lenzi's well revered Giallo Orgasmo) A well thought-out and well put together little thriller. (Note: with non-removable Dutch subtitles)

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