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AKA "Lucky, el intrépido, Agente Speciale L.K."

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Directed by Jesus Franco
Starring: Ray Danton, Barbara Bold, Dante Posani
Genres: Action, Adventure, Italian, Pop Art, Spanish, Spies, Based On Comic
90 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English with non-removable foreign subtitles

This breezy spy comedy from cult director Jesus Franco is among his most enjoyable films. Ray Danton stars as secret agent Lucky, hired by a powerful corporation to locate a counterfeiting operation. Crafty mad scientist Gold Glasses (Marcelo Arroita Jauregui) and a series of femme fatales -- one of whom turns out to be a former S.S. officer in drag -- stand in Lucky's way as he and sidekick Michael (Dante Posani) travel to Rome, Albania, and the Caribbean to solve the case. The 1960s pop-art style (including comic-book art and word balloons) and slapstick humor leads to an appropriately silly conclusion which left the doorway open for an unmade sequel.

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