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AKA "PersecuciĆ³n hasta Valencia"

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Directed by Julio Coll
Starring: Tom Tryon, Lorenza Guerrieri, Ana Castor
Genres: Adventure, Drugs, Italian, Spanish
98 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English

This is an English-dubbed version of the Spanish and Italian-made 1967 crime action feature Persecución hasta Valencia was released with the name The Narco Men. It stars Tom Tryon, who shortly after this period left acting completely and went on to become a quite successful novelist. Harry Bell (Tryon) is an Interpol agent who has been framed and sent to prison. On his release, he finds work with a gangster who is desperate to recover some stolen heroin. If he fails to find the drugs, he will be killed. Along the way, Harry seeks to find the woman who framed him.

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