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COLORSHOPPING VOL.4 (German 60's/70's Commercials) (2012 USA)

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Directed by various
Starring: various
Genres: Fashion, German, Modcinema exclusive, Pop Art, Commercials
60 minutes | Full Screen | Color | German

Modcinema presents 62 German commercials from the 60's/70's. From the weird to the psychedelic. Many of these TV spots were scored by famed German jingle composers such as Christian Bruhn and Klaus Doldinger, recorded at high level studios throughout West Germany with fantastic arrangements. This collection includes advertising from Henkel, BMW 1800, Bärenmarke, Esso Tiger, Peter Stuyvesant, Afri-Cola, Telelotto, Rexona, Colgate, Jacobs Kaffee, Omo, Milka, Nivea, Nescafe, Langnese, Ford-Capri, Camptourist, Camel, Herr Kaiser, Kuschelweich Bar, Meister Proper, Milka Lila Kuh, Ronald McDonald, Tucan Sam, Weisser Riese, and many many more.

Screen Caps

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