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SERPICO (TV) [2-disc] (1976 USA)

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Directed by various
Starring: David Birney, Tom Atkins, Nick Corello
Genres: Cops, Crime, Drama
308 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

Serpico was an American crime drama series that aired on NBC between September 1976 and January 1977. The series was based on the book by Peter Maas and the 1973 film of the same name that starred Al Pacino in the title role. David Birney stars as the unorthodox NYPD detective Frank Serpico who battles corrupt members of the police force. Tom Atkins co-stars as Lieutenant Tom Sullivan. This 2-disc set contains 7 complete episodes: "Every Man Must Pay His Dues" (originally aired October 29, 1976), "Danger Zone" (originally aired December 31, 1976), "Prime Evil" (originally aired November 26, 1976), "Country Boy" (originally aired September 24, 1976), "The Indian" (originally aired October 8, 1976), "The Traitor in Our Midst" (originally aired October 1, 1976), and "Trumpet of Time" (originally aired November 12, 1976) 

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