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Directed by Boris Sagal
Starring: Lorne Greene, Rachel Roberts, Anthony Quayle
Genres: Drama, Spies
99 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

While still starring in Bonanza, Lorne Greene took a sabbatical from the Ponderosa to headline this made for TV espionage thriller. Greene portrays a Russian secret agent whisked away from his comfortable retirement in Moscow to undertake a sabotage job in London. He finds himself compelled to solve the mysterious death of the British scientist whose invention Greene was supposed to destroy. The key to the mystery appears to be the cryptic phrase "The Gaunt Woman" (which was the title of the John Blackburn novel upon which this film was based. Filmed in London, Destiny of a Spy did well in the ratings thanks to the novelty casting of Lorne Greene as a Communist functionary.

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