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AKA "Salvare la faccia"

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Directed by Rossano Brazzi
Starring: Adrienne Larussa, Rossano Brazzi, Nino Castelnuovo
Genres: Drama, Giallo, Italian, Sexploitation, Thriller
89 minutes | Full screen | Color | English subtitles

Sexual situations abound throughout this Italian/English language film, which uses many quickly shown images (montage) to further the mood and the story. Nino Castelnuovo is Mario, the boyfriend from hell, who consigns his girlfriend Licia (Adrienne La Russa) to a whorehouse for an evening in order to get the photographic goods with which to blackmail her father (Rossano Brazzi). To get her out of the way, Licia is then consigned to a mental hospital by her father. When she goes genuinely insane, she is released. Revenge for all this mistreatment is the order of the day. No one escapes Licia's tricks as she uses sex, psychological torture and murder to get even.

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