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Directed by John W. Shadow
Starring: Ewa Aulin, Alex Rebar, Carlo De Mejo
Genres: Drama, Drugs, Italian
85 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English with Greek subtitles

This psychedelic Italian drug film stars Carlo De Mejo as Dr. John, a professor who is terribly upset that one of his students, (Alex Rebar of The Incredible Melting Man), is addicted to some strange drug, a combination of LSD and heroin. Fearing embarrassment to the university, Dr. John and his nerdy prize pupil (Eugene Pomero) get Rebar out to his house in the country. It's all a trick to get him off of heroin, but in the process Rebar gets Dr. John's pretty wife (Ewa Aulin) hooked on the drug as well.

Please note: this movie has non-removable Greek subtitles.

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