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Directed by Lamont Johnson
Starring: Hal Holbrook, Michael Learned, Mare Winningham
Genres: Drama
96 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

The Rockford Files' Meta Rosenberg and David Chase respectively produced and wrote this intensely adult made-for-TV movie. Mare Winningham stars as 15-year-old Micki, who runs away from her Minnesota home and heads for New York. Alone and without money or shelter, Micki is taken in by a "friendly" pimp, and soon joins other runaway girls turning tricks on the street. She is rescued from this dead-end life and returned to her parents (Hal Holbrook and Michael Learned), whom she disdainfully characterizes as "the original pod people." The rest of Off the Minnesota Strip records Micki's efforts to reassimilate herself to her middle-class lifestyle--a losing battle until her father makes a guilt-ridden curtain speech.

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