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Directed by Joseph Pevney
Starring: Robert Young, Ruth Hussey, Raymond Massey
Genres: Camp Kitsch, Comedy, Drama, Marriage, TV Pilot
70 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

Originally titled My Darling Daughters' Anniversary, this TV movie was the sequel to the popular 1972 presentation All My Darling Daughters. Robert Young returns as Judge Charles Raleigh, who in the first film managed to survive the same-day marriages of all four of his daughters. This time around, it's the widowed Raleigh himself who's bitten by the love bug. When he announces his intention to remarry (to Ruth Hussey), his four offspring are rather taken aback. The Raleigh daughters are played by Darlene Carr, Judy Strangis, Sharon Gless, and Lara Parker, while the supporting cast is dotted with such veterans as Raymond Massey, Anna Lee, Ben Wright, and Lois January. Intended as the pilot for a weekly series, My Darling Daughters' Anniversary debuted November 7th, 1973.

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