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DARK SECRET OF HARVEST HOME, THE [3-disc] (TV Miniseries + Movie) (1978 USA)

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Directed by Leo Penn
Starring: Bette Davis, David Ackroyd, Rosanna Arquette
Genres: Based On Book, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
348 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

(new transfer, April 2024) This television miniseries is based on Thomas Tryon's complex and suspenseful occult thriller Harvest Home, delving into the forbidden rituals of the small New England township Cornwall Combe, whose residents offer annual human sacrifices to pagan gods in return for a bountiful corn harvest. The production is notable mainly for the participation of Bette Davis, who plays the powerful Widow Fortune, the town's leading practitioner of the black arts. A very young Rosanna Arquette co-stars as one of the new kids in town. This 3-disc set includes the complete 3 hour and 49 minute miniseries as well as the 2 hour TV movie.

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