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Directed by Leonard Horn
Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Anne Francis, Billy Dee Williams
Genres: Action, Disaster, Drama, In Flight, TV Pilot
90 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

35 years before Lost, there was Lost Flight. In collaboration with writer Dean Riesner, producer Frank Price dreamed up the two-hour pilot film about an airliner captained by Steve Bannerman (Lloyd Bridges) who crashes on a remote island in the Pacific. Among Bannerman's fellow castaways are Gina Talbot (Anne Francis), Merle Barnaby (Billy Dee Williams), Glenn Wallup (Ralph Meeker), Jonesey (Andrew Prine), Charlie Burnett (the character who gets killed off early, played by Michael-James Wixted), and, as the resident troublemaker, Eddie Randolph (Bobby Van). Given a one-shot telecast in early 1970, Lost Flight didn't fly as a series... nor did Price's like-minded effort, 1976's Stranded.

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