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AKA "La lunga spiaggia fredda"

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Directed by Ernesto Gastaldi
Starring: Robert Hoffmann, Mara Maryl, Riccardo Salvino
Genres: Italian, Thriller, Trucks & Bikers
85 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English w/Finnish subtitles

A married couple drive to a lonely house by the sea to work on their troubled marriage. After the first night the couple gets "visited" by a motorcycle gang consisting of four men. They tie up the husband and two of the bikers rape his wife. The story takes a twist as the woman falls in love with the leader of the gang, so trouble begins to brew not only between the couple and the bikers, but also between the husband and wife and within the gang. Starring Robert Hoffman and Mara Maryl. In English with non removable Finnish subtitles. 

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