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AKA "L'assassino ha le mani pulite"

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Directed by Vittorio Sindoni
Starring: Tom Drake, Femi Benussi, Virgilio Gazzolo, Ernesto Colli
Genres: Crime, Drama, Giallo, Italian, Mystery
80 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English

Vittorio Sindoni directed this thriller variation on the shopworn inheritance-murder plot. Family patriarch Oscar dies on the job at a railroad, leaving three daughters and a retarded son, Janot (Ernesto Colli), whom he had adopted. The will states that the daughters can't inherit until Janot's 21st birthday, three years in the future. People start being killed one by one, until only two remain. Faked deaths, official conspiracies and annoying characters abound. The beautiful Femi Benussi co-stars with horror veteran Tom Drake, Virginia Gazzolo, and Jeanette Lens. Composer Silvano Spadaccini makes a cameo appearance as a truck driver, although the film itself was scored by Stefano Torossi. 

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