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Directed by Tom Gries, Reza Badiyi
Starring: Peter Graves, Farrah Fawcett, Diana Muldaur, Clu Gulager, Tina Louise
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, TV Pilot, Political
97 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Two unsold TV pilots about government agencies are presented here in this special double feature! Call to Danger (1973) stars Peter Graves as a federal agent who enlists "ordinary" people to solve crimes. Headquartered in Washington DC (where most of this film was shot), Graves selects his erstwhile agents by means of a computer. Special bonus feature: Inside O.U.T. (1971) Bill Daily and Farrah Fawcett star as agents from The Office of Unusual Tactics (aka O.U.T.), a secret government agency who clean up snafus created by other government organizations.

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