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Directed by David Commons
Starring: Jan Sterling, James MacArthur, William Windom
Genres: Drama, Drugs, Hollywood, Trucks & Bikers, Counter-culture
94 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Johnny Taylor (Murray MacLeod) makes the rounds in Hollywood trying to peddle a screenplay given to him by his American army buddy in Vietnam. His attempts prove to be fruitless as he drifts into the life of a hermit on a Malibu beach. Johnny saves Diane (Lori Martin) from a motorcycle gang and discovers her father Vance Patton (William Windom) is a top film producer. She tries to convince daddy dearest to give the young man a shot at writing for films, but he refuses and castigates his daughter for being involved with an unknown. Vance ignores his wife Gloria (Jan Sterling) and Johnny is pursued by the homosexual agent Mori Thompson (Jan Murray) before the motorcycle gang returns for another round of fun and games. An LSD montage and a semi-nude exotic dancer spices up this feature about the hopes and shattered show-business dreams in a tarnished Tinseltown.

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