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Directed by Harvey Hart
Starring: Leslie Nielsen, John Saxon, Katherine Cannon
Genres: Drama, Religion, Kidnapping
70 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

This 1974 TV movie was based upon recent news stories about brainwashing techniques practiced by certain religious communes. Ellen (Kathy Cannon) is a confused teenager who falls in with a group of fanatics, who promise that they'll purge the "Devil" from her soul. Her anguished parents (Leslie Nielsen, Louise Fletcher) hire John Saxon to kidnap Ellen from the commune, and to exorcise the fanatics' influence from her psyche. This film was outdated within a year, but would come back in fashion during the height of the "Moonie" activity in the late 1970's. The original title of Can Ellen Be Saved?, understandably rejected by the network, was Children of God.

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