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DICK SMART 2.007 (1967 ITALY)

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Directed by Franco Prosperi
Starring: Richard Wyler, Margaret Lee, Valentino Macchi
Genres: Adventure, Italian, Spies
99 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

If you're a fan of far-out Euro-Spy films from the 60's with cool sets and set-pieces, exotic locations, Margaret Lee, groovy music, and over-the-top gadgets, and if the lack of a coherent plot doesn't bother you, then Dick Smart 2.007 is a must see. Lady Lister (Margaret Lee) has gathered five of the most renowned nuclear scientists in the world and stashed them in her secret, underground Brazilian lair. She has developed a means of converting coal into diamonds using a controlled nuclear explosion. She has a partner in crime, McDiamond, who sees other possibilities for Lady Lister's discovery. The CIA hires part-time super-spy Dick Smart (Richard Wyler) to put a stop to their plans.

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