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Directed by Walter Doniger, Nicholas Webster
Starring: Elizabeth Allen, Eleanor Parker, Peter Haskell
Genres: Drama, Episodic, Hollywood
101 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Bracken's World focused on the employees of the fictitious movie company Century Studios, located in Hollywood, California. John Bracken was the studio head, who, for the first season, was heard, but not seen. He was the occasional voice on the speaker phone, either praising or chastising the studio population, who included his executive assistant, Sylvia Caldwell; stunt man, Davey Evans; the New Talent School head, Laura Dean, and her up and coming students, Rachel Holt, Diane Waring, Paulette Douglas, and Tom Hudson; producer/director Kevin Grant, his alcoholic wife, Marjorie, their eight year old son, Mark; and Paulette's pushy stage mother, Grace Douglas. Bracken's World was canceled during it's second season on NBC.

Featuring the episodes "Fade In" (1.1) Original air date: September 19th 1969 "Options" (#1.5) Original air date: October 17th, 1969

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