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MOST DEADLY GAME, THE (TV) [2-disc] (1970 USA)

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Directed by various
Starring: George Maharis, Ralph Bellamy, Yvette Mimieux
Genres: Crime, Drama, Episodic, Mystery
208 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

In The Most Deadly Game, wealthy Mr.Arcane (Ralph Bellamy) teams with former military intelligence officer Jonathan Croft (George Maharis) and beautiful criminologist Vanessa Smith (Yvette Mimieux) to solve unusual murders. From a 16mm transfer. With special guest stars Jessica Walter, Joe Don Baker, Tom Bosley, Bert Convy, Billy Dee Williams, and Marlyn Mason. Includes the following 4 one-hour episodes: "Breakdown" (original air date: Oct. 31, 1970), "Lady From Praha" (original air date: Jan. 9, 1971), "War Games" (original air date: Nov. 28, 1970), and "Photo Finish" (original air date: Nov. 14, 1970).

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