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Directed by Patrick Garland
Starring: Richard Harris, Jenny Agutter, Graham Crowden
Genres: Drama, British, Based On Book, Period Pieces
50 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Based upon the beloved, delicate novel by Paul Gallico, The Snow Goose is set in England during the early years of World War II. Philip Rhayader is a lonely, misshapen man who lives in a distant lighthouse, isolated from the humanity that he feels has rejected his physically repulsive form. Though outwardly unattractive, Rhayader has an enormous depth of feeling and a great compassion, which he expresses through his love of the waterfowl that live about him. His solitude is disrupted when Frith, a young girl of French origin, brings to him a snow goose she has found. The goose has been wounded by hunters, and Frith hopes that the hunchback knows how to heal his wounds. Rhayader and Frith nurse the goose back to health, developing a bond as they do so. The emotions they feel run deeper than either is able to express, and they help rescue Rhayader from the bitterness he feels to society.

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