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AKA "Le spie uccidono in silenzio"

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Directed by Mario Caiano
Starring: Lang Jeffries, Emma Danieli, Andrea Bosic
Genres: Action, Crime, Italian, Spies, Thriller
83 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Spies Strike Silently is a fun little Eurospy film which features a mysterious organization hell bent on controlling the world. What sets this film apart from other Eurospy movies with similar plot lines is the simple fact that this diabolical group is rather intimidating and accomplished in their nefarious activities. With an abundance of paranoid atmosphere and a dead serious tone, Spies Strike Silently is an interesting entry in the always entertaining Euro-espionage genre. The film follows secret agent Michael Drum (Lang Jeffries) as he is assigned to a most sinister case involving mind control and world domination. Recently, a large number of top scientists have been assassinated and it’s up to Agent Drum to get to the bottom of these sordid deaths. As his investigation takes him deeper inside of the conspiracy, Drum finds that he could be the next victim of this mysterious organization which seems determined on stalling human progression in order to control the world’s population. With an action packed plot and a cast full of engaging characters, Spies Strike Silently is a mission you won’t soon forget, that is unless you’re brainwashed to.

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