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Directed by Giuliano Biagetti
Starring: Haydée Politoff, Corrado Pani, Beba Loncar
Genres: Italian, Romance, Thriller
89 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English

Interrabang is director Giuliano Biagetti's best effort at making the most of an extremely low budget: a trio of beautiful European starlets and an enigmatic premise. The interrabang is non-standard English punctuation (a combination question mark and exclamation point) that never caught on and was probably the equivalent of today's WTF. Fabrizio, a hip fashion photographer, sails to a secluded island with his wife, Anna (Beba Loncar), his model/girlfriend, Margarita (Shoshana Cohen), and his nubile sister-in-law, Valeria (Haydee Politoff) for a photo shoot but bails out to get help when their boat has engine trouble -knowing an escaped convict is in the vicinity. The bored babes, left to their own devices, soon strike up an easy acquaintance with Marco, a vacationing writer who first intrigues then seemingly seduces them one by one.

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