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Directed by Don Medford
Starring: Art Hindle, Robyn Douglass, John Van Dreelen
Genres: Sci-Fi, TV Pilot
93 minutes | USA | Color | English

Scientist Simon Shane (Hindle) is working on a project which will create human clones of himself. Years of failed experiments with his mentor (Bellamy) at his side have yielded breakthroughs but not a successful final product though one is set to be unleashed within days. With his mentor kidnapped and a mysterious new party having presented itself with designs on the project which are suspicious at best, Simon accelerates the project and clones himself a dozen times maintaining a telepathic link with each of his fully grown "children" each of whom is an exact replica of him with all of his memories and capabilities. This pilot TV movie would have made for an interesting TV series if it had been picked up by NBC.

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