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Directed by Gidney Talley Jr.
Starring: Gary Lee Davis, Susan Mulhollan, Rose Petra
Genres: Drama, Romance
90 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Attractive, soon-to-be-married Susan is lucky to survive an automobile accident, though one of her legs is lost. Will her coldblooded, creepy fiancée decide against spending his life with an amputee and call off their wedding? Will it be the pain and consternation of a broken heart which truly cripples her? Will the surgeon who loves Susan choose her over the women he's engaged to? Will Susan wear a variety of garments which fully expose her reduced limb? Prelude to Happiness plays like a bargain basement Sirkian soap-drama spiked with a stiff three count shot of rose-watered acrotomophilia (amputee fetishism). This is a completely straight-faced project, its soberness straining to palliate and/or dignify the true exploitive nature of the material. Capricious conations of this type often come in strange flavors...and strange, indeed, this picture is. Rose Petra(a real-life amputee) is an appealing ingénue who manages to bring an unexpected incisiveness to her character.

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