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Directed by Art Fisher
Starring: Cher, Elliott Gould, Andy Kaufman, Lucille Ball
Genres: Comedy, Commercials, Music, TV Special, Staff Picks
60 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

In 1979, Cher’s up-and-down career took a quick swing upwards thanks to success of her disco-flavored tune Take Me Home. To milk the success of the song even further, a one-shot TV special was created around the tune. Cher… and Other Fantasies opens with the star performing a wonderfully funny rendition of "Ain't Nobody’s Business." Cher changes costumes with each line, moving through a series of 19th and 20th century finery before settling in the outlandish Viking-inspired wardrobe of the “Take Me Home” album. The number represents Cher at her best: sultry, self-confident, and yet sly enough to know that her sex appeal is rooted in self-deprecating camp. The rest of "Cher…and Other Fantasies" takes place at night in a creepy office building. (The landmark Bradbury Building in Los Angeles is effectively used as the main set.) Cher finds herself alone in the building, unable to locate an exit. She keeps running into a weird handyman (a bearded Elliott Gould) who points her through a variety of doors, each which opens to either a comedy skit or a musical number. NBC broadcast Cher… and Other Fantasies on March 7, 1979, pre-empting a low-rated series called Supertrain to accommodate this one-shot presentation but it was never rebroadcast. Includes the original broadcast commercials from 1979!

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