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Directed by Dante Fontana
Starring: Ursula Andress, Dusty Springfield, The Bee Gees
Genres: Commercials, Fashion, Modcinema exclusive, Music, Pop Art, Staff Picks
120 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

Modcinema's Colorspace series is back with another 2 hour compilation of stunning, colorful, weird & psychedelic footage from the 60's/70's!! A favorite amongst video DJ's and party hosts. Featuring appearances by The Carrie Nations, The Hollies, David Bowie, The Rockin' Berries, Raquel Welsh, The 5th Dimension, Steve McQueen, Tommy James & the Shondells, Diana Ross, Uschi Glass, Marianne Faithful, The Beatles, Michael Caine, Ursula Andress, Dusty Springfield, Amidou, Helen Mirren, The Bee Gees, Herman's Hermits, Los Bravos, Julie Christie, Lee Hazlewood, André Courrèges, Margaret Lee, Axis, The Monkees, Peggy Moffat, and many many many more!!

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