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Directed by Larry Elikann
Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Cathy Rigby, Britt Ekland
Genres: Based On True Story, Biopics, Drama
97 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Lloyd Bridges stars as stubborn high-wire artist Karl Wallenda in the made-for-TV The Great Wallendas. The famed family aerialist troupe suffered a tragic setback when, during a performance in Detroit on January 30, 1962, an accident caused the death of Karl's son-in-law and nephew, and the crippling of his own son. With grim determination, Karl insists that the Wallendas recreate their fatal "pyramid" routine. Despite several near-disasters, the Wallendas make a triumphant comeback in Fort Worth, Texas on November 19, 1963, which is faithfully recreated in this film under the supervision of the real Karl Wallenda. Also starring in this 2-hour film are Britt Ekland, Taina Elg, and genuine gymnast Cathy Rigby. The Great Wallendas premiered on February 21, 1978.

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