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AKA "Jeux sans frontières"

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Directed by Pierre & Jean
Starring: Guy Lux, Simone Garnier, King Kong
Genres: Episodic, French, Modcinema exclusive, TV Special
80 minutes | Full screen | Color | French

Complete August 7th, 1977 broadcast of the French TV gameshow Jeux sans frontières. Transmitted live from Saint Vrain park near the town of Evry. Join hosts Simone Garnier and Guy Lux for an insane and colorful festival of comical trials straight out of a fantasy film… including appearances from King Kong, Frankenstein Flowers, Moby Dick, Tokyo Dragons, and many more. Competing in this episode are teams from Oldham (Great Britain), Solofra (Italy), Buren (Holland), Frameries ( Belgium), Olivone (Switzerland), Dahn (Germany), and Evry (France). Note: This DVD is in French with no English subtitles.

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