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Directed by Ralph Senensky
Starring: Shirley Jones, James Olson, Katherine Helmond
Genres: Based On Book, Based On True Story, Drama, Marriage, Religion, Kids
74 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

Based on a true story, The Family Nobody Wanted was one of the better ABC Movie of the Week entries of the 1970s. James Olson plays a minister whose main concern is society's outcasts, particularly the youngsters. With the loving help and support of his wife (Shirley Jones), the reverend takes in 12 unwanted children of various colors and creeds. Though it's very hard to find suitable lodging for all these kids, the couple provides a loving environment for their ersatz family. Adapted by Suzanne Clauser from a book by Helen Doss (who is portrayed in the film by Shirley Jones), The Family Nobody Wanted was first telecast February 19, 1975.

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