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Directed by Don McDougall
Starring: Ricardo Montalban, José Ferrer, Leslie Nielsen
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, TV Pilot
93 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

Ricardo Montalban heads a team of undersea explorers dealing in below-the-surface scientific research. At the moment, a mysterious pollutant is killing all the fish off the coast of a fictional East African nation. The cause is a sunken ship that is leaking a deadly nerve gas. Montalban must race to neutralize the gas before mustache-twirling villain Jose Ferrer grabs the toxic fuel for his own evil purposes. Montalban's team includes a beautiful woman (Kate Woodville), who exists solely for the benefit of wetsuit-watchers in the audience. Filmed as the pilot for a TV series, The Aquarians was produced by Ivan (Sea Hunt) Tors in Florida and the Bahamas. It has also been telecast under the alternate title Deep Lab.

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