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FLESH & BLOOD [2-disc] (TV) (1979 USA)

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Directed by Jud Taylor
Starring: Tom Berenger, Denzel Washington, Suzanne Pleshette
Genres: Based On Book, Drama, Sports
190 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

Adapted from the novel by Pete Hamill, Flesh and Blood stars Tom Berenger as Bobby Fallon, a street punk who develops into a topnotch boxer while in prison. Upon his release, Bobby is taken under the wing of manager John Cassavetes. Outwardly tough and unmovable, Bobby is tortured with memories of his miserable childhood, which included an incestuous episode with his mother (Suzanne Pleshette). This two-part TV movie concludes with a heavyweight championship bout, bankrolled by Bobby's long-estranged father (Mitchell Ryan). Photographed with Rocky-like intensity by Vilmos Zsigismond, Flesh and Blood first aired on October 14 and 16, 1979.

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