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AKA "12 + 1, Twelve Plus One"

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Directed by Nicolas Gessner
Starring: Sharon Tate, Orson Welles, Vittorio De Sica
Genres: Comedy, Based On Book, Italian
93 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Sharon Tate plays a crucial role (her last-ever appearance before the cameras) in 12 Plus 1 (aka The Thirteen Chairs). If the plot sounds familiar, it is because it's based on a popular Russian novel, also filmed in 1945 as It's In the Bag and in 1971 as Mel Brooks' The Twelve Chairs. Vittorio Gassman inherits a fortune, only to find that the money is hidden in one of thirteen antique chairs. Trouble is, he's auctioned off the chairs to pay for his transportation costs to and from his late aunt's mansion. The bulk of the film concerns Gassman's fevered scrambled throughout Europe to track down the Twelve-Plus-One chairs. Orson Welles and Vittorio De Sica turn up in cameos.

(This transfer is dubbed in English, English subtitled version available separately)

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