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TOUCHABLES, THE [Uncut] (1968 UK)

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Directed by Robert Freeman
Starring: Judy Huxtable, Ester Anderson, Kathy Simmonds
Genres: Crime, Drama, Pop Art, British, Music, Kidnapping
90 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Absolutely the rarest (and wildest) of Mod Artifacts, THE TOUCHABLES stars Judy Huxtable, Esther Anderson, Marilyn Rickard and Kathy Simmonds as a quartet of Pop-Art princesses who kidnap rock-star Christian (David Anthony) and imprison him in their plastic, see-through Bubble House. Gay wrestler Ricki Starr gets jealous, and tries to (literally) muscle his way into the action. Directed by Beatles-photographer Robert Freeman (who shot the cover for Rubber Soul), and featuring music by long-lost British flower-pop group Nirvana.

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