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AKA "Oz: A Rock 'n' Roll Road Movie"

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Directed by Chris Löfvén
Starring: Joy Dunstan, Graham Matters, Bruce Spence
Genres: Adventure, Based On Book, Comedy, Music, Road Trip
100 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English

In this 1976 Australian retelling of The Wizard of Oz, two teens are dancing at a rural gathering when the girl Dorothy (Joy Dunstan) is knocked unconscious. In her delirium, she imagines she is hitchhiking to attend the final concert of a rock star known as "The Wizard" (Graham Matters). All the characters from the classic children's tale appear on her journey, transformed into modern-day Australian characters. The Scarecrow is a somewhat dim-witted surfer-lad (in Australian lingo, a "surfie"), a cowardly biker is, of course, the Cowardly Lion, and so on. This musical is not designed for younger children, and is instead suitable for mature teens and young adults. 

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